‘I Have A Daughter In Brooklyn!’: Video Shows Motorist Absolutely Losing It On Pro-Palestine Traffic Blockers


Ilan Hulkower Contributor
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An angry motorist was captured on video Monday during the pro-Palestine protest that blocked up major points of entry into New York City.

“Angry NYC driver shoves Palestine protesters blocking the Williamsburg bridge during rush hour traffic this morning out of his way. ‘You’re disrupting traffic idiots, you can’t do that, it’s against the law,'” Elad Eliahu, a self-styled New York City reporter, tweeted a video of the incident. (RELATED: Biden Speech Goes Off The Rails As Pro-Palestinian Protesters Start Ceasefire Chant)

The video shows a motorist, whose car appears to have New Jersey license plates, becoming increasingly frustrated with the human chain the pro-Palestinian protesters made to apparently block the Williamsburg bridge. After lambasting the protesters for illegally disrupting traffic, he demanded the protesters move away from his car. He then proceeded to get out of his car and appeared to shove a number of protestors away while repeatedly yelling at them to get away from his vehicle, the video shows.

“Get away from my car,” he shouted, “I have a daughter in Brooklyn!”

He then got back into his car and proceeded to slowly inch his car toward the protestors while shouting at them to move away, the video shows. This trick worked and he was allowed to drive past the protestors.

Pro-Palestinian groups staged a shut down of various major points of entry into New York City on Monday morning and managed to impede traffic on the Holland Tunnel as well as the Brooklyn, Manhattan and Williamsburg bridges, according to CBS. More than 100 protestors ended up reportedly being arrested for the stunt.

“Today protesters blocked 3 bridges and the Holland Tunnel at 9:40 AM. By 11:15 AM we are able to clear the locations with 325 arrests…In lieu of summons,many protestors will face misdemeanor charges with a desk appearance ticket,” Patrol Chief John Chell of the New York Police Department tweeted Monday.

The wave of pro-Palestinian protests were sparked in the wake of the Israel-Hamas war that has seen intensive bombing and fighting in the Gaza Strip following Hamas’ Oct. 7 invasion of southern Israel that left 1200 persons killed and took over 200 people hostage.