’10-Foot Tall Aliens’ Captured On Creepy Video


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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Footage of what doesn’t even slightly look like “10-foot tall” aliens went viral on social media Thursday, and y’all should be embarrassed of yourselves.

The latest vomit from the UFO world is the claim that a couple of 10-foot-tall aliens were strutting around a hillside in Brazil, as seen in a clip shared by MetroUK. The footage was taken in Ilha do Mel, Brazil, around 285 miles south of Sao Paulo in Parana State, according to UniLad.

You can clearly see two very tall and slender individuals in the clip. The narrator of the Metro video claims the aliens were “moving very quickly,” even though the video shows them standing almost completely still throughout the entire thing.

Stories about very tall aliens have erupted in the last year. It seemed to start back in June when an 8 to 10ft tall alien with large eyes showed up in the backyard of a Las Vegas family. Bodycam footage from the incident does show something sprinting through the sky following the reports, which was pretty weird. Then a group of Peruvian villagers claimed they’d been attacked by a group of 7ft tall aliens. The aliens allegedly turned out to be a group of illegal miners from Brazil and Colombia.

In January 2024, a rumor went viral on social media about a bunch of super tall gray aliens going ballistic at a mall in Miami. This almost definitely didn’t happen, but it was a fun story while it lasted. (RELATED: A ‘Classified’ Congressional UFO Briefing Is Kicking Off 2024. Here’s Why It’s Suspicious)

I honestly believe these things would walk into my house one day. That’s how much I truly believe that UFOs, aliens, all of these things are real. I believe because no one has proved to me that aliens aren’t real.

But this video from Brazil? It looks no different to my very tall boyfriend and his very tall buddies arsing around on a hillside.