Incredibly Insane Footage Shows Absolute War Zone Poppin’ Off In Broad Daylight After Suspect Blasts Into Police

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Definitely one of the craziest clips I’ve ever covered.

An Ohio man has been charged after allegedly running over a woman with his truck and leading police on a wild chase, according to WHIO. The chase ultimately ended with the suspect allegedly blasting his vehicle into a cruiser and an absolute war zone breaking out with bullets flying everywhere.

54-year-old James Skirvin was hit Wednesday morning with one count of felonious assault, according to records from the Montgomery County Municipal Court, per the outlet. (RELATED: Buffalo Bills Fan Shot And Killed Near Miami’s Hard Rock Stadium)

Skirvin’s bond has been set at $1.5 million, according to court records, per WHIO.

Originally sparking up this entire situation are claims that Skrivin allegedly hit his daughter with his truck, according to a statement of facts filed Wednesday, per the outlet.

And then it ended in utter chaos:

Holy hell, man.

This is a scene straight out of Grand Theft Auto, and totally something that you would expect out of the Sunshine State with Florida Man losing his ish every chance he gets, but nah … instead it was Ohio looking like Ukraine.

Just an absolutely insane story. This dude starts off by allegedly hitting his daughter with his truck before he allegedly leads police on a chase after the fact, completely slams into one of the cruisers with said truck and then creates an outright war zone by bustin’ at the cops.

What the hell? Just … what the hell?