Analysis Reveals Aliens Might Be Living In Our Oceans. And They’ve Been There For A Long, Long Time


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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An extremely fun analysis shared Thursday found there may be aliens living within our oceans, and they might have been there for a very long time.

There are plenty of weird things happening under our oceans, according to the latest episode of “The Why Files.” Whether it’s evidence of ancient civilizations — many of whom likely resided on pre-Younger-Dryas-flooded coastlines — or alien technologies that just don’t make sense, there’s seemingly no end to the discoveries waiting just beneath the waves.

Host AJ Gentile leaned into both popular and niche mysteries in the episode. The usual suspects of Atlantis and Bimini Road (which may be in Atlantis) were all accounted for. But Gentile also mentioned the Baltic Sea anomaly, as well as a wealth of data about potential underwater alien bases run entirely on artificial intelligence. (RELATED: Former US Navy Admiral Reveals Area Containing Potential UFO Base)

The weirdest part? He couldn’t debunk the alien bases, nor the plethora of footage showing UFOs disappearing under the surface.

Gentile is correct: considering our planet is about 70% ocean, it is pretty odd that we’ve only bothered to explore around 25% of it. Sure, there are many attempts to find out what’s really going on under the sea, but nowhere near as many as those searching for life throughout the stars. (RELATED: The Truth About The ‘Cicada 3301’ Conspiracy Is Absolutely Wild)

Can you imagine how far along we might be had we focused even half as much attention to our oceans as we have the cosmos? Who knows what might be waiting down there for us? There could be more cities, technologies,  and resources galore … and maybe even some new friends from a planet far, far away.

This was only Part I of the “Mysteries of the Ocean” episode from “The Why Files.” You can bet I’ll definitely be tuning in for Part II.