Video Shows Utterly Bizarre ‘Jellyfish’ UFO And It’s One Of The Freakiest Things You’ll Ever See

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What on earth?

Incredibly stunning video shows a “jellyfish” UFO speeding through the skies of Iraq, according to investigative filmmaker Jeremy Corbell.

The leaked footage from 2018 was caught by the United States military, and soldiers were ordered to “hunt it down,” per Corbell. (RELATED: Potential Ghost Captured On Google Street View Near Paranormal Hot Spot)

As the (aircraft?) was flying over a military base, it was seen changing colors from white to black in a truly bizarre fashion, showing rapid temperature changes from hot to cold.

The filmmaker claims that the flying object then went into a lake and remained underwater for a total of 17 minutes before coming back up. When that happened, it shot up to the sky at a 45-degree angle.

Witnesses told Corbell that the “legs” of the “jellyfish” were stiff and stayed completely still.


I do UFO and alien blogs all the time (as well as Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster and so on), but this is definitely one of the weirdest cases I’ve ever seen.

The jellyfish-like appearance is definitely odd, especially with the stiff “legs” or whatever the hell they are, but the biggest thing that gets me from the footage is how it changes color, which signifies its temperature change. Why is it going from hot to cold to hot to cold like that?

Very strange stuff, indeed.