‘It’s A Money Making Machine’: WEF Gets Eviscerated By Former Member Bill Browder. Could Their Collapse Be Near?

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Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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Financier and former World Economic Forum (WEF) member Bill Browder absolutely eviscerated the organization in an interview published Friday.

Browder is the CEO of Hermitage Capital, according to Financial News and his biography on the WEF website. He stopped attending WEF’s annual summit, Davos, in the Swiss Alps after 27 years because he says the organization has become “a corporate, money-making machine.”

“No person in their right mind would pay [$250,000] to attend, so you end up with mostly corporate executives with many important voices priced out,” Browder told the outlet, noting how prices for attendees soared from $70,000 to the $250,000 tag in 2022. “There is still a critical mass of key government decision-makers who attend Davos, which makes it an important gathering and perhaps more important than other ones. But it has been degraded by commercialism since I first started going 27 years ago.”

Even though the fat price tag was enough for the financier to say “no more,” he’ll still be on the sidelines at this year’s summit, which runs from Jan. 15 to 19.

“I was originally attending for free as a Young Global Leader for three years, then paying $70,000 as a regular business attendee. They then raised the price from $70,000 to $250,000 in 2022 at a time when I had long stopped doing business and had become a full-time activist and I told them no. I asked them to include me in their activist category, which is free. They refused,” he claimed.

More than 60 heads of state, government and a whole host of unelected business leaders will decide your fate at the 2024 summit. (RELATED: The World’s Richest People Have A Plan For Food Shortages: The ‘Sniff Test’)

The big topic this year is “misinformation and disinformation.” These are euphemisms used by WEF and other globalist elites to label anything that goes against their plans for total ownership of the human species. Apparently, all of us mere mortals are sharing too many ideas online, and that’s more dangerous to the world than human trafficking … according to WEF, that is.