Video Appears To Show Man Allegedly Ramming Skid Loader Into Police Cruiser At Home Depot Parking Lot


Julianna Frieman Contributor
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A man allegedly rammed a skid loader into a police cruiser Sunday afternoon in a Home Depot parking lot in Nebraska, according to the Lincoln Police Department (LPD), 1011 News reported.

Video posted on social media appears to show the alleged suspect, identified by LPD as Samuel Peyrot, allegedly plowing the Bobcat skid loader into multiple cars around 2:30 p.m. outside the store, 1101 News Now reported.

LPD said they arrested Peyrot at gunpoint soon after the alleged incident, according to 1011. The 36-year-old suspect faces charges of Criminal Mischief, Second-Degree Assault and Second-Degree Assault on an Officer.

Peyrot drove the skid loader to a U-Stop, got back in and allegedly began driving recklessly and eventually made his way to the Home Depot, LPD said, 1011 reported. LPD said the suspect allegedly drove the vehicle into the police cruiser of the first officer to arrive at the scene, according to the outlet.

The officer, who was inside the rammed car, exited the vehicle and drew his firearm, LPD said, 1011 reported. The officer reportedly did not fire his gun. (RELATED: REPORT: Three 15-Year-Olds Die After Car Crash Into House)

One man inside a damaged truck suffered minor injuries, police said, according to 1011. The skid loader also allegedly damaged the exterior of two businesses, LPD said.

Peyrot’s employer owns the skid loader, authorities said, 1011 reported. The investigation is reportedly ongoing.

This is not the first time an alleged reckless driver has allegedly damaged other cars with a Bobcat vehicle. A 10-year-old boy allegedly hijacked a Bobcat construction vehicle in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and took it on a joyride in Sept. 2023, allegedly causing damage to numerous cars, police said, according to CBS News.