It’s High Time The NFL Eject QBs For ‘Fake’ Slides

(Photo by Logan Whitton/Getty Images)

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It’s no secret the modern day NFL is super soft on quarterbacks. The precious signal caller is the most babied position in the NFL. One can almost be penalized for breathing on a QB the wrong way. With this in mind, it’s about time the NFL stops allowing QBs to weaponize their privilege by feigning a slide.

Bills quarterback Josh Allen, who I absolutely love, utilized the fake slide to perfection on his way to a 53-yard touchdown run in Monday’s AFC Wild Card game.

Allen, running full speed towards Steelers defenders, slowed his feet like he was going to slide, stopping the Steelers defenders in their tracks, before quickly re-establishing his run after his feign stopped the Steelers from coming forward. With his momentum still very much going forward, Allen was able to easily shake off a pair of weak arm tackles from the defenders who were no longer tackling from a position of strength.

The defenders, for their part, were likely trying to avoid a costly unnecessary roughness penalty that so often gets called when someone grazes a quarterback in today’s game.

The referees would perfectly display the quick trigger finger on those flags later in the game, penalizing Steelers linebacker Myles Jack for hitting Allen as he was sliding. The flag came despite the fact that Jack pulled up as he saw Allen sliding. (RELATED: Pittsburgh Steelers Head Coach Exits Stage Left Mid-Question When Asked About His Contract Expiring — Will He Return?)

Quarterbacks need to be hittable when they leave the pocket. The modern day NFL defender has been absolutely Nerfed. How is a safety even supposed to play anymore with rules like this?

The NFL needs to follow the NCAA’s lead. They banned the fake slide after this, admittedly epic, Kenny Pickett touchdown run in which he pulled off the smoothest fake slide I’ve ever seen while at Pittsburgh in 2021.

It’s impossible to defend! You either attack the QB and risk a potential suspension and mountains of fines, or let him score. It’s a no win situation for defenders. Time to ban it for good.