Liberal Lawmaker Hilariously Fails To Perform Basic Math, And Fails To Cover His Mistake


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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British Member of Parliament (MP) Toby Perkins proved Wednesday that he can’t do basic math, and tried desperately to cover his tracks.

Perkins is an MP for Chesterfield, representing the Labour Party, an even more useless, far-left version of the Conservative Party, which is basically the World Economic Forum for Britain (while parading as wannabe Republicans). I was politely minding my own business on Wednesday when one of my amazing editors, Grayson Quay, sent me a screenshot of Perkins attempting to do math on Twitter in response to a post from Election Maps UK.

And I just simply had to share it with the rest of the world, especially since Perkins appears to have since deleted the tweet.


Listen, math is hard. I was a distinctly average student when it came to math. I could sit here and blame my godless high school math teacher, who couldn’t control a pebble, let alone a class full of crazy Welsh kids. But in reality, the problem was me. I can’t math very often. But that’s why I don’t try to do math in public! And why I got myself a boyfriend who does all my math for me. (RELATED: Viewers Shocked As Nigel Farage’s Naked Butt Appears On ‘I’m A Celeb’)

Perhaps Perkins should leave the math to the members of his team who managed to scrape at least a B-grade in their GCSEs (the qualifying exams to graduate high school). Just an idea.

Perkins did not immediately respond to the Daily Caller’s request for comment on his election math that just ain’t mathin’.

Please leave your answers to the above math problem in the comments section below.