The Mighty Have Fallen: How The Hell Does Michigan’s Basketball Program Have This Embarrassingly Low Crowd Size?

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Maybe they’re still celebrating the football national championship?

The Michigan Wolverines hosted the Illinois Fighting Illini for a college basketball contest Thursday night, but fans of the former seemed to have zero interest in showing up and rooting for their team.

The Wolverines are currently in the middle of an absolutely horrendous season, sitting in 14th place in the Big Ten (which is dead last, by the way) with distinctly unlucky 7-11 record. (RELATED: Jim Harbaugh Is Demanding 100% Power From Michigan: REPORT)

You can’t exactly blame the Michigan faithful for not wanting to watch this sorry-ass product, and that’s exactly what they didn’t do Thursday.

It’s not like Illinois was some big scary juggernaut either. They’re ranked 14th in the nation, and they still hammered the Wolverines 88-73.

But still, with Michigan being the iconic program that they are, there is absolutely NO excuse for this atrociousness:

And then we also have this video floating around… (this was only minutes until tip-off):

I get that nobody likes to watch their team lose, by there’s something to be said for being a loyal fan through good times and bad, instead of just hopping on the bandwagon when things are going well.

Just utterly embarrassing … you’ve gotta be thanking God for football if you’re a Michigan fan.