‘Collective Self-Enrichment’: Fox Legal Analyst Gregg Jarrett Details ‘Serious’ Violations Involving Fani Willis

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Hailey Gomez General Assignment Reporter
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Fox News legal analyst Gregg Jarrett detailed Friday the “serious violations” by Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis as allegations stemming from a personal relationship with her law partner continue to pile up. 

Jarrett appeared on “Hannity” to discuss the legal issues Willis is now facing after allegations that she inappropriately hired romantic partner, Nathan Wade, as a special prosecutor to her case against former President Donald Trump. Fox host Sean Hannity had asked the legal analyst what “issues” the Georgia DA could be facing as evidence supporting the allegations continued to build. (RELATED: EXCLUSIVE: Fulton County Commissioner Requests Fani Willis Produce Info On Alleged ‘Misuse’ Of County Funds)

“She still has to answer these accusations against her in the Trump case that, you know, she hired her lover who was unqualified, paid him a whopping amount of money. Together, they used that taxpayer money for lavish vacations,” Jarrett stated. 

“That kind of collective self-enrichment smacks of on services fraud, misappropriation of public funds, but their alleged relationship — which, as you point out, neither one has denied — is a serious violation of ethical rules that govern prosecutors: a personal interest in the outcome of a case, a conflict of interest borne by an alleged affair and, of course, the appearance of impropriety. And, if proven true, it demands her disqualification as the prosecutor.”

Jarrett continued to call out Willis’ alleged actions stating that she has not only “tainted the case,” but noting how both she and Wade had met with White House officials prior to her case against Trump. Hannity then jumped in questioning if the meeting with the White House could allude to a “collusion,” to which Jarrett stated that all four indictments against Trump “appear” to have been “planned and coordinated.” (RELATED: Fani Willis’ Alleged Lover Paid For Plane Tickets In Her Name, Bank Statements Show)

Willis met with the House Jan. 6 committee’s staff four times in April 2022, reviewing specific evidence related to Georgia. Following his appointment of special prosecutor in Willis’ case, Wade visited with White House officials a number of times both prior and during the investigation of Trump.

“She has tainted the case, although it may not be enough to get all of the charges against Trump and others dismissed, but, you know, equally troubling, Sean, this guy, Nathan Wade — her purported paramour — traveled twice to D.C. for meetings at the White House, eight hours each. It’s in the invoices he charged,” Jarrett stated. 

“By the way, he charged for those hours and Fani Willis also apparently met with the January 6th committee. Hmm, was there collusion going on? Coordination going on? Is that ok?” Hannity questioned.

“Well, first of all, it puts to light to Willis’ earlier statements that her prosecution of Trump was never discussed or coordinated with his election opponent. But, look, all four of these indictments appear to have been planned and coordinated, because they were all perfectly timed so that the trials would occur right in the middle of a presidential election. And Americans are pretty smart, they see this. Those indictments have only solidified support for Trump, because they see him as a victim of political machinations by Democrats,” Jarrett stated. 

Allegations of Willis’ and Wade’s relationship surfaced in early January due to a court motion filed by representatives of a former Trump campaign official named in Willis’ indictment, Michael Roman. The filings detailed allegations that Willis not only had a romantic relationship with Wade, but that she had also signed off on funds used to pay for vacations for the two.