Jake Gyllenhaal And Conor McGregor’s ‘Road House’ Trailer Just Dropped, And It’s Nothing Like You’d Imagine


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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The trailer for “Road House” dropped Thursday, and it’ll make you want to punch a hole through your wall with humor, violence, and insanely attractive people.

If this newly envisioned retelling of the cult classic movie “Road House” isn’t good, it’ll at least go down in history as having the best trailer I’ve seen for any piece of entertainment. Ever. It feels like forever since Gyllenhaal showed up in something good, and this flick appears to blend all of his best qualities.

Firstly, Gyllenhaal is an underrated comic. His eyes are just goofy enough, and his voice just high enough, to not be so good-looking you can’t take him seriously (see: Henry Cavill). But he’s swift, slick and spicy enough to be convincing as an actual tough-as-nails American brute.

But Gyllenhaal isn’t alone. He’s joined with a slew of up-and-coming actors who will soon threaten his own place in the Hollywood hierarchy.

And one of those people could be UFC legend Conor McGregor. You’ll be pleasantly surprised to find McGregor is just as good as playing a psycho in films as he is in his real fights. Let’s just hope his talent translates to the rest of the film. (RELATED: I Stepped Outside For A Smoke Late Last Night And Ended Up Filming A High-Speed Police Chase)

If McGregor can’t carry his role, he could easily turn this flick from a first-class piece of Americana, to a cringe fest that’ll be sure to win every Golden Raspberry. But if he does … I forecast vicious debates for decades to come over which is the best version of “Road House.”

We’ll all find out on March 21, when the film hits Prime Video streaming services globally.