Rage Erupts After HBO’s ‘The White Lotus’ Casts Pro-Putin Actor Miloš Biković

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Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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A new tantrum hit Hollywood on Thursday after it was revealed one of the stars of “The White Lotus” is pro-Russia.

Ukraine’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs attacked streaming giant HBO and Warner Bros. Discovery after they cast Serbian actor Miloš Biković for the third season of the dark comedy-drama series, “The White Lotus.” The series is set to start filming February in Thailand and will follow a whole new group of guests through another branch of the infamous, fictional hotel, Deadline reported.

Biković has apparently starred in a handful of Russian films and was awarded Russian citizenship in 2021, according to Deadline. He was also given a Pushkin medal for advancing Russian culture back in 2018, in which Putin himself presented him with the award.

Like I’ve been saying for years: woe be those who listen to actors over their own common sense. Actors are grown humans who chose a life of reading lines other people wrote, moving their bodies as other people instruct and pretending to be someone they’re not. They are typically not smart people by any definition of the word, so why does anyone listen to what they have to say?

Oh, well, I guess Ukraine did choose to make a comedian their president. I’m not saying that’s any worse than living under a dictator like Putin … but it’s not like they’ve got a leg to stand on in their argument. (RELATED: Award Shows Are Terrible, But This Speech Proves Jennifer Coolidge Is An Absolute OG)

If you don’t like this actor, then don’t watch the show. I don’t like Taylor Swift’s politics, and her music is garbage, so I don’t listen to it. I don’t demand Swift be completely excommunicated just because she’s so stupid she supports a party who doesn’t think there’s anything wrong with mutilating the healthy body parts of America’s mentally ill. I just ignore her when she speaks! It is that simple.