Graphic Photos Show Pliers Inside Teen After He Accidentally Impaled Himself: REPORT

[Screenshot/Public/Fox 10]

Samuel Spencer Contributor
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A 15-year-old boy was hospitalized in Kansas after he accidentally impaled himself with a pair of pliers, multiple outlets reported.

Joey Zeman was shoveling snow outside his family’s home last Saturday in WaKeeney, Kansas, when he slipped and fell, impaling his side, right above the hip, with the pliers, according to TMZ.

Photos shared by Joey’s mom, Alicia Zeman, show the pliers’ handle embedded into the teen’s skin.

Initially, Joey said didn’t know he was impaled by his own pliers, according to Fox 10.

“I didn’t know they were in there until I looked down,” the teen reportedly said. “Then I tried to pull them out and they didn’t come out.”

When he failed to remove the tool from his within him, he called his mom to tell her he was going to the ER because “the pliers were inside me,” TMZ reported. Joey’s mom reportedly had a hard time initially believing the situation was as dire as her son was making it out to be. However, Joey had to be airlifted to another hospital where doctors could perform the plier extraction, according to Sarah Gibbs, a nurse practitioner, the outlet reported.

He is presently at home and expected to recuperate fully, according to Fox 10. Joey reportedly said he won’t be wearing his pliers and will take his time while shoveling from now on. (RELATED: 13-Year-Old Boy Who Went Sledding Down Driveway Dies 10 Days Later In Hospital)