‘I’ve Been Blessed’: Amid Recovery, Jeremy Renner Shares Surprising Silver Lining Post-Accident

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Mariane Angela Contributor
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Jeremy Renner has shared an enlightening perspective on life following his snow plow accident in an interview with PEOPLE published Saturday.

Over a year has passed since the 53-year-old actor faced life-threatening injuries due to a snow plow accident, according to PEOPLE. Renner reflects on the incident with newfound gratitude and a profound appreciation for the gentler aspects of life. Renner revealed in a recent conversation that the experience has significantly softened him.

“I certainly got a lot of callousness squashed out of me by that machine. I’ve never been bitter, but always maybe a little more callous, a little bit more tough. And I just think those calluses are just scraped off me at this point. Literally, I feel pretty open and wonderfully sensitive and youthful,” he told PEOPLE. “I’ve been blessed.”

The journey to recovery was arduous for Renner as he spent an extended period in the hospital undergoing numerous surgeries, according to PEOPLE. The accident, which occurred near his Nevada residence, resulted in over 30 broken bones. Yet, Renner’s spirit remained unbroken, buoyed by the unwavering support of his daughter Ava, family, and friends. (RELATED:’Countless Hours’: Jeremy Renner Gives Update On Health Almost 1 Year After Accident)

Renner credits his miraculous recovery to the love and encouragement he received during those times. “Everything kind of just went right,” he recalled. “Obviously I had a lot of tenacity, I had a lot of support, a lot of reason to recover. That is really special. There’s a lot of people that don’t have as much, [don’t have] those things to live for.”

“It wasn’t about me getting better. It was about healing them. That’s how I got out of my own way… Geez, the love and support I got from people, man. I just didn’t realize that many people gave a crap about me that much. Maybe Hawkeye, they did. [But] just me as a person, it’s a different thing, you know what I mean?”

“It all went right, every part of it. From my vision, to walking, that no one said I was going to walk again,” Renner further added. “I’m like, ‘Well…'” Despite the severity of his injuries, he has not only reclaimed his ability to walk, against all odds, but has also resumed performing stunts, according to PEOPLE.