Hornets Coach Steve Clifford Basically Says His Team Sucks


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Charlotte Hornets head coach Steve Clifford told press after a Wednesday night loss to the Chicago Bulls that his struggling team’s issues are because they’re “undertalented.”

Speaking to press after the game, Clifford said, “Our problems aren’t their effort, their work, how much they wanna win. Our problem is that we’re under-talented,” according to a video taken by Clutch Points’ Jerry Donatien.

Wowwza. I respect Cliff calling it like he sees it but it would suck to be a player on the Hornets and basically just hear your coach say you suck.

The comments came after a Wednesday night loss to the Bulls, the sputtering Hornets’ 36th loss of the season. Their 10-36 record puts them near the bottom of the Eastern Conference standings, ahead of only the Washington Wizards and the historically bad Detroit Pistons.

The Hornets are fresh off trading their star guard Terry Rozier to the Miami Heat, all but signaling they’re giving up on this season. (RELATED: KARNICK: Michael Jordan’s NBA Exit Comes At The Right Time As The League Follows In Bud Light’s Footsteps)

Clifford isn’t wrong though, the roster is practically devoid of talent. Star point guard LaMelo Ball is admittedly a fantastic player, he’s been dealing with an ankle injury and has missed the past three games.

And even with Ball, the team has struggled mightily. Any other guy that could be worth a starting job is essentially on the trade block.

I guess the tough love from Clifford is warranted then. Get it together Charlotte.