Mope-Town: Detroit Pistons Set The Record For Most Consecutive Losses In An NBA Season With 27th Straight Defeat

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Andrew Powell Sports and Entertainment Blogger
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At least you have the Lions, Detroit … even though that’s incredibly weird to say.

Unlike the Lions, the Detroit Pistons have a rich history with the franchise having three championship banners hanging from their rafters. When you think about the Pistons, you think about Isaiah Thomas and Chauncey Billups, glory.

However, the once-proud brand has done nothing this season but turn Motown into Mope-Town, and it got even worse Tuesday night when the Pistons broke the NBA record for the most consecutive losses in a season — they suffered a 118-112 defeat to the Brooklyn Nets to rack up their 27th straight L. (RELATED: Lil Wayne Reveals He Has Song With Kevin Durant, And Apparently He Has Some Straight-Up Bars)

Overall, the consecutive losing record belongs to the Philadelphia 76ers with 28 straight losses, however, that streak started in the 2014-15 season and went into 2015-16.

The last time Detroit won a game was Oct. 28, which was incredibly their home opener against the Chicago Bulls. On the season, they’re sitting at an absolutely dismal 2-28. And owner Tom Gores wonders why Pistons fans are begging … no, DEMANDING … him to sell the team.

Like this:

It’s funny, because I grew up a massive Eminem fan, and as a result, I formed a connection to the city of Detroit (I’ve seen “8 Mile” easily hundreds of times). A blue-collar tough guy city with a little flash mixed in… It’s a dope town.

So I truly feel bad for Pistons fans and the entire city of Detroit, but hey, it’s like I said…

At least y’all got the Lions! NFC North champions! Giving you that glory like me racking up again today with my bets!

Gotta look at the positives, Detroit. Gotta look at the positives. Shoutout to the Mo, the 313.