All Hell Breaks Loose As Massive Brawl Erupts During Youth Wrestling Meet, With A Huge Beer Belly Making An Appearance

Screenshot/Twitter — @MrPatMineo]

Andrew Powell Sports and Entertainment Blogger
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Wait until you see this beer belly … oh, and there was a fight, too.

It was a normal night in Phillipsburg, New Jersey, during a high school wrestling meet … until it wasn’t, as a massive brawl erupted between a load of parents to send things into an absolutely chaotic scene that’s now going viral.

In the Lopatcong Township, parents got into a Sunday scrap at Phillipsburg High School, leading to action happening all over the mats that obviously put a halt to the youth wrestling meet.

It’s not currently known why things broke out, but as you’ll see in the video, almost every parent in the room got involved, whether it was fighting, trying to break up said fighting or just straight up screaming. Hell, one parent even appeared to get kicked in the head during all of the insanity.


Wow … just imagine being at a high school sporting event and this happens. Man, it would be insane.

And it’s sad, too. We wonder why our youth gets worse and worse, but then we see scenes like this and it’s just like, “ahhh, now it all makes sense.”

Like come on, parents. Your actions directly affect your kids. And though I could work on it myself, I’m not out here acting like a complete buffoon like these people, either. It’s just crazy, and they should be ashamed of themselves, but you know they won’t be. (RELATED: Meanwhile In McDonald’s: Woman Blasts Dude In The Head With A Friggin’ High Chair For Allegedly Touching Her ‘A**’)

Let’s get it together, folks. At least for the next generation. The youth today are already horrible enough.