Meanwhile In McDonald’s: Woman Blasts Dude In The Head With A Friggin’ High Chair For Allegedly Touching Her ‘A**’

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Wanna see some crazy ish? … I got you.

In Toronto, Ontario (yes, Canada), a McDonald’s inside of a Walmart brought us an absolutely chaotic scene.

There was tension poppin’ off between two customers inside of the T-Dot McDonald’s, and another customer obviously could feel the thickness of it and reacted how we all would have … by pulling out their phone and recording the process. And luckily for him, he was provided with some absolutely grade-A entertainment that’s now being shared with all of you beautiful people out there.

When the video first starts, we’re immediately thrown into the middle of an argument between a woman and man, and though it’s hard to make out a lot of what was said, the general argument is centered around allegations from the woman that her “a**” was grabbed by the dude.

“I’ll crack your skull in this bitch,” warned the woman just prior to her order number being called. (RELATED: Police Department Asks People To Stop Tweeting Mean Things About Jackbooted Fascist Lady Cop)

And she meant it.

Walking over to her order, she doesn’t leave right away, instead, she tries to … well … crack his skull.

All bagged up and prepared to go on the counter, she walks away from her order and over to a high chair — a high chair that she used to blast this dude in the back of the head with while he was trying to order his food.

She then tries to make a quick escape, grabbing her food and walking out of the store, but not before the man requests that someone call the police on the woman.

“Shut the f*ck up, you touched my a**,” claimed the woman.


Ahh … Wal-Mart McDonalds. You gotta love ’em.