Massive Brawl Featuring Molly Whops And Pepper Spray Breaks Out At High School Basketball Game In Georgia

[YouTube/Screenshot/Public — WALB News 10]

Andrew Powell Sports and Entertainment Blogger
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It’s the definition of “all hell breaking loose.”

Absolute chaos reigned during a Friday night high school basketball game in Cairo, Georgia as a massive brawl erupted following an intense overtime between the Westover Patriots and Cairo Syrupmakers.

Leading up to the 77-74 victory for the Syrupmakers (man, I love that name), tensions were at a high, with several technical fouls reportedly getting called. After the contest, things hit a boiling point as a gargantuan rumble took off.

Absolutely insane video shows a crap load of people — players, coaches, fans, family — scrappin’ on the court, with molly whops being tossed and pepper spray being, well, sprayed. (RELATED: All Hell Breaks Loose As Massive Brawl Erupts During Youth Wrestling Meet, With A Huge Beer Belly Making An Appearance)

Things ignited when the head coach of Westover confronted a player from Cairo, according to a reporter who was at the game, Janyre Cooper. Eventually, tensions rose to the point where a punch ended up being thrown. Cooper claimed it was seemingly “an assistant coach of some sort” from Westover who dished out the first pop, resulting in utter chaos.

Players were fighting players, coaches were fighting coaches and fans were clearing the stands before police got involved and someone hit somebody with pepper spray — and it didn’t come from a cop.


Hot damn!

Just imagine being at your local high school basketball game and then all hell breaks loose like this. Moronic, sure, but you know we’d all have popcorn in hand enjoying this clown-fest.

Good googly moogly, what a sight.