Not A Good Look: Matt Barnes Reportedly Beefs With High School Student While At Son’s Basketball Game

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You can’t be serious …

Matt Barnes, a former NBA player, reportedly sparked up a beef during his son’s high school basketball game in early February. The contest was between Crespi Carmelite and Harvard-Westlake, with Barnes’ son playing for Crespi.

Oh, and another interesting note from this game: Barnes’ son is coached by Derek Fisher, who was featured in a whole love triangle situation between himself, Barnes and Barnes’ ex-wife. Yikes.

Anyways, Barnes reportedly got into a confrontation after he was arguing with the referees while courtside. After a student announcer from Crespi Carmelite allegedly told Barnes to “shut up,” Barnes walked up to him in an aggressive manner. Multiple people have said that the student announcer did not say “shut up,” according to OutKick. (RELATED: Straight Swagoo: NBA To Feature LED Glass Court During All-Star Weekend)

Barnes had to be told to calm down as people intervened, separating him from the student announcer.

The name of the broadcaster, Jake Lancer, claimed to an independent journalist, and  Barnes allegedly issued a threat to “slap” him, per OutKick.

“[Barnes] said ‘what do you think you’re looking at?’ and I said, ‘You’re screaming ‘you’re a (p***y)’ to the refs mid game while I’m trying to announce. Don’t touch me,’ and then he said, ‘I’ll slap the s**t out of you.’”


What a horrible look … Matt Barnes hasn’t learned a damn thing from his younger days in the NBA. And by the way, I can’t get over how awkward this whole Matt Barnes x Derek Fisher connection is.

Where’s my popcorn at?