Wild Video Shows Police Officers Unloading Punches On Inmate During Texas Prison Brawl

[YouTube/Screenshot/Public — FOX 26 Houston]

Andrew Powell Sports and Entertainment Blogger
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Hot damn! These police officers don’t play!

An allegedly unruly inmate got his behind absolutely handed to him by authorities in Harris County jail in Texas, insane video shows, and now his family is demanding answers.

The footage of the brawl, obtained by FOX 26 Houston, shows inmate D’Alessandro Chavez-Sandoval receiving punch after punch, and molly whop after molly whop, from several detention officers who eventually forced him down to the ground.

Now that the video is out, the family of the inmate is demanding that both federal and state officials open an investigation into the matter.

The video doesn’t feature any audio, but it’s pretty obvious there was some kind of exchange between the original officer and the inmate, which exploded into an outright brawl in just a few seconds.

You can see the cop do


After seeing those cops unload on that dude like that, I need to know what exactly that man said.

Like seriously, there were a load of inmates around, those officers aren’t just gonna punch somebody out like that without something provoking them. I’m gonna guess that he was being some kinda wise ass, and that the resistance towards the officer didn’t help his cause either.

Yeah, you could make this a case of police brutality. And yeah, you could argue that the police officers went a little overboard here with the beating the hell out of him, which is true … but I just can’t help but wonder what exactly happened here? Supposedly Chavez-Sandoval was “laughing and telling jokes” (according to the local news report) but there’s no way that’s the whole story. (RELATED: Massive Brawl Featuring Molly Whops And Pepper Spray Breaks Out At High School Basketball Game In Georgia)

What did the inmate say and do to piss off the cops this bad?