Video Appears To Show Knife-Wielding Teenager Trying To Stab Israeli Border Police

[Screenshot/Twitter/ @manniefabian]

Ilan Hulkower Contributor
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Israeli Border Police could be seen in a video provided by Emanuel Fabian, military correspondent for The Times of Israel, thwarting an apparent attempt by a Palestinian teenage suspect to stab one of their officers with a knife Monday.

The incident in question occurred in the outskirts of Jerusalem in the West Bank and resulted in the death of the 14-year-old suspect who was shot during the alleged attempt, according to police, The Times of Israel reported. (RELATED: REPORT: Soldiers Open Fire On Axe-Wielding Terrorist After He Rammed Car Near Israeli Naval Base, IDF Says)

The video, released by the Israeli Border Police, opened with the teenage suspect approaching an officer. Once the two were in close range, the suspect appeared to reach into his pocket and tied to thrust something into the officer.

The officers, alerted to the apparent attempt, appeared to pull out their guns in the video. One appeared to shoot the suspect who was running away. The suspect, after falling down, could be seen unmoving on the road.

The police also released a photo of the knife the suspect appeared to draw and appeared to try to stab an officer with.

The incident occurred during the questioning of the teenage suspect and no officers were reported injured, police said, The Times of Israel reported. The suspect was reportedly pronounced deceased shortly after this incident by law enforcement.

This incident occurred in the backdrop of a heightened period of tension and conflict between Israelis and Palestinians. Since Oct. 7, the State of Israel has been in a state of war with the terrorist organization Hamas that runs the Gaza Strip following the group’s deadly assault in southern Israel that killed over 1,200 Israelis.