Well, Well, Well: Looks Like Conservatives Bullied Bud Light Into Making A Funny, Mulvaney-Free Super Bowl Ad

[YouTube/Screenshot/Public — Bud Light]

Andrew Powell Sports and Entertainment Blogger
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It looks like Bud Light finally gets it: Stay funny, stay American, stay profitable.

Bud Light has been tanking for nearly a year now, and deservingly so after the whole Dylan Mulvaney nonsense. However, it looks like conservatives’ message has gotten across to them, judging by their Super Bowl LVIII commercial.

Named “Easy Night Out,” the 60-second advertisement kind of brings us back to the old days of Bud Light, before the Mulvaney drama. It rides the comedy element while featuring a “new character in the Bud Light universe,” which is a “genie” who happens to drink Bud Light and grants wishes to fellow Bud Light drinkers, according to a Tuesday announcement from the brand. (RELATED: ‘That’s How You Start Black History?’: The New York Times Blasted For Ridiculous Travis Kelce ‘Fade’ Suggestion)

On top of that, Bud Light has a couple of top-brand figures making appearances: Peyton Manning and Dana White.

And I have to admit, despite the past year and how everything has gone down, it’s pretty good.


I think we can finally let go of this beef, conservatives.

We’ve won, and not just that, but dominated. Bud Light has clearly gotten the message going back to simple laughter and hanging out with pure Americans like Peyton Manning and Dana White. And honestly, that’s all we ever wanted with our beer. America.

Welcome back, Bud Light, to the good side.