We’ve Quite Possibly Just Found The Dumbest Rapper Alive


Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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Dumb interviews are not a rarity these days, but we stumbled upon what seems to be the most unintelligent musician of all-time in an interview clip making the rounds on social media.

Popular rapper, reality TV star and OnlyFans creator Sukihana sat down with Bobbi Althoff on Tuesday for an episode of “The Really Good Podcast,” during which she revealed that she didn’t know the meaning of the word “musician” – even though she is one. The awkward and incredibly frustrating interview has already gone viral, for all the wrong reasons, sparking the question, “is Sukhi really this dumb?”

This is quite possibly the weirdest sit-down we’ve seen in a while.

Sukihana, whose real name is Destiny Henderson, started the interview by making it clear to Althoff that she had more important things to do than spend her time on her podcast. She then went on to say she would be able to make more money doing something else, and she “always makes a lot of money” because she is “Suki with the good coochie.” (She apparently named herself after a Japanese restaurant because a man once told her that her genitals taste like the food it serves; sorry, but I had to learn that and now you do too.)

Althoff noted she wasn’t aware of that personal detail, and the artist challenged her by asking her what she did know.

The host tried smoothing the conversation over by saying she wanted to sit down with Suki because she was a prominent musician, and that’s when the whole thing got super weird.

“So I’m a musician, what the fuck that mean, make magic or something, what is ‘musician’?” Sukihana asked.

Althoff interjected by saying, “I think you’re confusing that,” but Suki wasn’t having it.

“Ya I’m not no musician,” the artist retorted. “I make music, that’s not all I do, I make music, I act, I’m a TV star, too.”


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“You don’t know. You thought that all I was was a magician or whatever the fuck you said,” Suki continued.

Althoff tried once again to clarify, telling Suki, “That’s what I think you think I said. I said ‘musician,’ not ‘magician.'” But again, she was wasting her time.

“I don’t think, I don’t think, baby,” Suki said (in what may have been the most honest moment of the interview). “What is that? That’s ghetto I don’t think. I know,” Sukihana said.

Things didn’t get any better from there.

“I didn’t say magician, Suki, I said musician — and I think you are a musician,” Althoff said.

“No baby, I do music,” Suki shot back.

“So you — just really quick for the record — could you say you don’t think you’re a musician, but then after that you said you do music,” Althoff said.

“Ya I do music” Suki responded.

Althoff tried once more: “So in other words, you’re a musician.”

“No I’m not” Sukihana replied.

Some social media users were convinced that Sukihana was just trolling Althoff, but if so she delivered a pretty convincing performance. (RELATED: ‘Look At This Dumb Bitch’: Olivia Munn Trolls Herself On Social Media)

You can be the judge for yourself, if you’re willing to sit through this painfully cringe-worthy video.

Not surprisingly, Sukihama proudly blasted the interview out on social media, apparently under the impression that she came across well.

Though maybe, just maybe, she was onto something (as one Twitter user suggested):

This all happens in the first five minutes, by the way. The podcast goes on for almost an hour, and it somehow gets even weirder.