Brothel Sued For Alleged Sex Trafficking Days After They Advertise Free Sex For NFL Players


Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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An alleged victim has filed a lawsuit against the owner of a Las Vegas brothel that recently offered free sex to the NFL team that wins the 2024 Super Bowl.

The National Center on Sexual Exploitation (NCOSE) and Jason Guinasso, a Nevada Attorney representing victims of sex trafficking, filed a lawsuit on behalf of Jane Doe, an alleged sex trafficking survivor, Feb. 8. Doe alleged she was sex trafficked between 2017-2022. She claimed she was allegedly locked inside the brothel for weeks at a time and allegedly forced to hand over 50% of hear earnings to the brothel, according to documents provided to The Daily Caller.  The documents also claimed the brothel that advertised free sex for NFL players, the Chicken Ranch, allegedly maintained a barbed wire fence around its property and allowed only managers to operate the venue’s gates.


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Doe’s lawsuit named four of Nevada’s legal brothels, Chicken Ranch, Desert Rose, Bella’s and Mustang Ranch, as well as Mustang Ranch brothel owner/Storey County Commissioner Lance Gilman, as having allegedly sex trafficked her, according to documents provided to The Daily Caller. Nevada’s Governor Joseph Lombardo and Attorney General Aaron Ford were also named for facilitating the alleged abuses, the documents said.

“Plaintiff Jane Doe was sex trafficked in legal Nevada brothel prostitution,” the documents alleged.


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The statement went on to allege that “she was induced to engage in commercial sex acts through force, fraud, and coercion — including psychological manipulation, constraints on her movement, and debt.”

The lawsuit cited violations of the 13th Amendment’s ban on slavery and involuntary servitude and the Trafficking Victims Protection Act.

The documents alleged debt bondage and other coercive practices were used to trap Doe and other women who worked at the brothels.

Guinasso, a Nevada Attorney representing victims of sex trafficking and co-counsel for the plaintiff, issued a statement to the Daily Caller about the Chicken Ranch’s recently advertised “free sex” offer for the players of this year’s Super Bowl winning team.

“Chicken Ranch’s ‘free sex’ offer to the winning Super Bowl team is anything but free. The hidden costs fall directly on the women employed by Chicken Ranch,” Guinasso said.

“According to a new lawsuit by a sex trafficking survivor and former employee of Chicken Ranch, she and other women had three minutes to respond to a lineup for potential sex buyers, otherwise they would be fined $500,” he alleged.

“Chicken Ranch took 50% of the fees sex buyers paid to Doe and other women, it charged the women $45 per day for room and board, and even required the women to subsidize transportation for the sex buyers,” Guinasso alleged to The Daily Caller. (RELATED: NFL Stars Offered Free Sex At Las Vegas Brothel)

“We urge the Super Bowl-winning team to see through Chicken Ranch’s offer and refuse to participate in furthering the sexual exploitation and abuse of Chicken Ranch’s prostituted employees,” he added regarding the allegations.

This matter continues to unfold in court.