Listen Up Scientists! Your Industry Just Had A Great Idea (Finally)


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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An article published Wednesday in the journal Nature suggested a really good idea that could help revolutionize the research, development and laboratory science industries.

“Roving researcher” programs will launch out of the University of Cambridge in 2024, according to Nature, and they should absolutely become part of the norm for the American scientific communities. Roving researchers sound a lot like travel nurses, who spend a few months here and there, filling in at hospitals and other healthcare facilities that need extra help. Within the scientific community, roving researchers could allow for consistency in data collection and analysis while female scientists are out on maternity leave.

One of the biggest reasons men appear to hate women in the workforce is because our pesky bodies are designed to bring life into the world. When women do this, their “very important” careers are put on hold, and everyone complains until they return to their desks. Having roving-researchers, people who travel from location to location, lab to lab, would fix the consistency problem and allow female scientists to have it all: a career and a family.

Roving researchers would also allow men to take paternity leave too, and could literally change the lives of thousands of scientists who are trying to balance their highly demanding careers with their natural obligations as humans. (RELATED: Sen. Rubio Goes After ‘Woke Corporations’ Paying For Employee Abortion Expenses)

“Not all scientists want to become group leaders, and the roving-researcher position is ideal for those who want to work in industry. There are few other roles that offer the rare perspective of methods and lab culture as they change between groups,” Altos Labs researcher Cheryl Smythe told Nature.

Trial programs on roving researchers have proven successful thus far, so let’s hope this becomes more of a norm across all industries. I mean, how great would it be if employers paid someone to fill in for women on maternity leave instead of paying that woman to massacre the child in her womb, as appears to be the norm in this day and age.