Mayorkas Dodges Question From NBC Host Kristen Welker On Whether He Agrees With Biden That Border Is ‘Not Secure’

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Hailey Gomez General Assignment Reporter
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The U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Sec. Alejandro Mayorkas dodged a question from NBC host Kristen Welker Sunday over whether he agreed with President Joe Biden that the southern border was “not secure.”

Mayorkas appeared on “Meet the Press” to discuss the ongoing southern border crisis and his views on the system. Welker questioned the DHS secretary about whther he took “responsibility” for the issues at the border, noting Biden had called it a “crisis” himself. 

Mayorkas stated that while the border issue is a “crisis,” the department would not “bear reasonability” for the “broken system” and instead blamed Congress as the only branch who can “fix it.” (RELATED: 15-Year-Old Migrant Arrested After Allegedly Shooting Tourist In NYC, Violating ‘Gun-Free Zone’ Sign: Cops)

“But do you bear responsibility for what is happening at the border, with what the president himself has called a crisis?” Welker questioned.  

“It certainly is a crisis and we don’t bear responsibility for a broken system and we’re doing a tremendous amount within that broken system, but fundamentally, Congress is the only one who can fix it.,” Mayorkas stated. 

Welker continued to press Mayorkas on the border security by asking if he agreed with Biden’s recent statement that the border was “not secure.” The DHS secretary began to state that the border challenges “have existed for 10 years,” before Welker interrupted by asking if he now agreed with Biden. (RELATED: EXCLUSIVE: ‘This Is Our Opportunity’ — Top GOP Senators Game McConnell’s Ouster After Botched Border Deal)

“You testified for years, really, that the border is secure and now in recent comments President Biden says it’s not secure. Do you now agree with President Biden’s assessment that it’s not secure?” Welker pressed. 

“Kristen, the challenges of the border have been long-standing. The president correctly noted that those challenges have existed for 10 years. In fact, even longer,” Mayorkas stated. 

“So you agree with him?” Welker jumped in. 

“There is no question that we have a broken system. There is no question that we have a challenge, a crisis at the border and there is no question that Congress needs to fix it and we’re doing everything we can within that broken system – short of legislation – to address what is a, not just a challenge for the United States, but one throughout our region,” Mayorkas stated. 

Biden admitted mid-January that the border was not secure right before questioning why Republicans were seeking to impeach Mayorkas, which ended up failing in a recent Senate vote.