Child Who Deadspin Tried To Dox And Cancel Shows Up To Super Bowl In Full Native Headdress


Robert McGreevy Contributor
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Holden Armenta, the 9-year-old child who is suing Deadspin after one of their writers tried to cancel him, showed up to Super Bowl LVIII in a Native headdress after a grassroots effort raised over $11,000 to send him to the game.

Armenta, who Deadspin writer Carron Phillips accused of racism for wearing a Native headdress and painting his face at a Chiefs game in an article, showed up to the game in the same garb that stirred Phillips’ outrage in the first place. The lawsuit against Deadspin was filed Feb. 6 in Delaware.

Armenta was apparently at the game after a Give Send Go campaign raised over $11,000 to send him to the game, according to the company’s website.

Holden showed up decked out in a headdress to support his Chiefs in the same Vegas stadium he was at when Phillips originally tried to ruin his life.

His face was painted in his team’s colors: red, yellow and white. No black this time, God forbid.

Of course, Phillips’ now deleted series of tweets condemning the kid and demanding the NFL do something about his outfit completely failed to show the half of his face that was painted red and originally only showed the black half in an effort to cry racism. (RELATED: Deadspin Staffer Defends Writer Who Tried To Destroy Child’s Life By Baselessly Calling Him Racist)