Hilarious Video Displays The Massive Difference Between Travis And Jason Kelce


Robert McGreevy Contributor
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Jason and Travis Kelce are about as different as two siblings can get.

One is a flashy, metropolitan star who keeps his beard well-kempt and is dating the biggest pop star in the world.

The other… well the other is Jason Kelce. I could go on all day about how different the pair is or I could just show you this video that says it all.

The hilarious video shows Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift kissing at the Super Bowl after party while Jason Kelce rocks out to dance music in a Luchador mask.

The video starts with Travis in sunglasses dancing with and kissing Taylor Swift while a remix of one of the pop star’s original hits, “Love Story,” plays in the background.

The beginning frame delivers everything Travis would want you to believe about him. Fresh off his third Super Bowl win, the popular jock who gets the girl is dancing with the prom queen to her own freaking song. As storybook of an ending as it gets. (RELATED: Hardman Still Awake After Partying All Night Like A True Red-Blooded American)

But if you’re like me and you don’t believe in fairytales, the second half of the video is where it gets good.

The camera pans over to the DJ booth, where famous disc jockey Marshmello is performing, and right next to him in all his glory is Jason Kelce, fully decked out in a luchador mask dancing and having the time of his life.

Now, I’m sure, at that moment, Travis was actually just enjoying himself. But he’s carefully cultivated a brand and an image to the point that it’s hard to view any of his public actions as genuine rather than yet another calculated move to build upon existing brand equity.

Jason, meanwhile, seems to have built a brand on living his best life and being completely himself.

Maybe it is calculated on Jason’s part, too, but if it is, he sure looks like he’s having fun doing it. I know which one of those dudes I’d rather get a beer with, that’s for sure.