An Idiotic Genius Pulls Off One Of The Most Incredible Moves You’ll Ever See During Bathroom Fight

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Holy hell, this is amazing.

There’s not much known about this video, but it’s seriously one of the best things you’ll see today, as the video shows two men brawlin’ it out in a bathroom with one of them pulling an absolutely stunning reversal that you’d see in a UFC fight — or should we say WWE?

The footage shows one of the men having the other in a underhook position, and if you’re a wrestling fan like myself, you’ll find it very similar to the pedigree move of Triple H. However, the guy that was being picked up knew exactly what was going on, pushing his feet and legs against the wall and turning the pedigree into a spear that only our “Tribal Chief” Roman Reigns can pull off.

Just check out this moronic gold.

Let’s take a look and compare.

First, Triple H’s pedigree:

Now, Roman Reigns‘ spear:

Yep, that’s exactly what we have going on in this bathroom brawl clip.

Sure, you can say what you want about America (and the entire Western civilization at that) being on complete fire as our morality gets lower and people get scummier, but …

It’s like Tucker Carlson said in “Stone’s Rules” about the legendary (and my friggin’ idol) Roger Stone. (RELATED: Crazy Brawl Pops Off In Chipotle, With One Guy Flying Like Spider-Man)

“America may be collapsing, but Roger Stone is determined to enjoy it.”

Yep, that’s me … enjoying the idiotic glory.

It’s better than being stressed and depressed about it, life already takes care of that for me.