Crazy Brawl Pops Off In Chipotle, With One Guy Flying Like Spider-Man

YouTube/Screenshot/Public — WAVY TV 10

Andrew Powell Sports and Entertainment Blogger
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So this is how they’re doing it back in my home state, huh? … Flying like Spider-Man in Chipotle and ish.

Multiple idiot teenagers (because, of course, they were teenagers) are now facing criminal charges following a massive brawl that broke out last Friday in the Eden Way Chipotle in Chesapeake, Virginia, according to police, per WAVY TV 10.

The chaos was caught on camera by an employee’s mother who happened to be at the restaurant when all hell broke loose, per the outlet. The video shows people verbally brawlin‘ things out before it ultimately gets physical, leading to slobberknockers being thrown and kicks being, well, kicked.

I mean, damn, things got so crazy that one dude even jumped over the counter and flew like he was Spider-Man. He was doing this while allegedly trying to kick an employee, but that jump was the real art with that dummy. It was a thing of beauty. (RELATED: Dude Takes Slobberknocker After Slobberknocker To The Face In Wild Airplane Brawl)

When police showed up, they separated the parties and questioned everyone, determining that everything sparked up because of a dispute between employees, leading to family members getting involved — the argument was between Chipotle management and a teenage employee.

According to WAVY TV 10, the fight originated when employee Saquoia Diggs refused to take a register position. In response, store service manager Tatiana told her to go home early.

Tatiana’s mother is claiming that tension has been brewing between the staff for a while, with management already being aware.


Another day, another set of morons giving us popcorn content.