‘The Shame, The Horror!’: Megyn Kelly Rips On Sunny Hostin Whose Ancestors Owned Slaves

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Julianna Frieman Contributor
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Conservative commentator Megyn Kelly ripped on “The View” co-host Sunny Hostin Tuesday, who recently learned that her ancestors owned slaves.

Kelly said Hostin, who is an advocate of slave reparations for black Americans, was “so disappointed” when she discovered that her mother was a descendant of slaveowners.

“The shame of coming from a white person, the horror! Who could talk like this?” Kelly asked. “Can you imagine if I went on with Henry Lewis Gates and he told me that I have black members of my family and I was like, ‘I’m deeply disappointed and ashamed.’ Can you imagine the reaction?”

“How dare she talk about white people like that,” Kelly said. “She gets away with it.”

Kelly mentioned that Hostin said she “always suspected” she had white ancestors due to the “blond hair and light eyes” of her mother. The conservative radio host explained that Hostin was hesitant to take a genetic test because she “sort of knew” she had white ancestors “inside” because of her mother’s appearance.

“She identified herself as black race but Hispanic for ethnicity, but it turns out her race is white,” Kelly said about Hostin’s mother. “She’s European. So she was a poser. She was a Rachel Dolezal is what you’re saying.”

Hostin recently sat down with “Finding Your Roots” host Henry Lewis Gates, who informed her that her maternal ancestors were probable slaveowners. Gates told Hostin that her third great-grandfather was “the son of a merchant who was likely involved in the slave trade,” People reported. (RELATED: ‘This Is Bullsh*t’: Brother Of Jeffrey Epstein Releases Autopsy Photos To Megyn Kelly)

“I’m sure Sunny Hostin is just fine with anybody out there who wants to identify as black in their application to Harvard, which by the way is where her son goes,” Kelly noted. “And she lives in a multimillion estate. We have the pictures here from a magazine shoot she did not long ago. And she makes millions of dollars on ‘The View,’ but she still wants your reparations.”


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