Video Appears To Show Heroic Chiefs Fans Tackling Suspected Kansas City Shooter


Robert McGreevy Contributor
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Video posted to Twitter appears to show a mob of Chiefs fans tackling a potential suspected shooter during the Super Bowl parade in Kansas City on Wednesday.

The video, posted by the Fantasy Fanatics Twitter account, shows a mob of Chiefs fans decked out in NFL jerseys chasing down a potential suspect in Wednesday’s mass shooting. (RELATED: Video Appears To Show Moment Kansas City Super Bowl Parade Shooters Start Firing)

A mob of red appears to chase a man down and tackle him to the ground, holding him there until police arrive.

Kansas City Police Chief Stacey Graves said that they are still working to confirm whether or not one of the three suspects currently in police custody is in fact the person being tackled in the video.

The ChiefsSuper Bowl celebrations were interrupted Wednesday when one person was killed and at least 21 others were injured, according to KCPD.

While it’s unclear whether or not the man in the video was a suspect, police appeared to handcuff and apprehend the hoodie-clad man, a separate video posted to Twitter by KMBC shows.

In the video someone, possibly police, can be heard yelling “the gun is over here!” while the potential suspect is taken into custody.

Fans can also be heard telling police “when we tackled him the gun came out.”