Yeesh: Sac State’s Matt Masciangelo Starts Season Being HBP An Incredible 7 Times In 8 Plate Appearances

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What a way to get your season started!

If there’s one thing Sacramento State outfielder Matt Masciangelo can take from this situation, he can at least flex about his mesmerizing on-base percentage to kick off the season. He just happened to pay a price for it: his body.

Making his debut Friday for the Hornets in a doubleheader against Loyola Marymount, Mascinagelo was blasted by seven pitches in eight plate appearances.

Not one, not two, not three, not four, not five, not six, but SEVEN pitches! (RELATED: MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred Announces That He Will Retire In 2029)

In Game 1, Mascinagelo was hammered three times, while Game 2 saw him get hit in four appearances at the plate. The hit-by-pitches (HBP) didn’t feel “malicious,” according to Mascinagelo.

“Baseball is a game full of surprises, and this was one for the books,” Masciangelo told MLB.com. “As fate would have it, I consistently found my way to first base without swinging the bat. Maybe it was my stance or the pitchers’ game plan to come inside, but either way, it was an unusual way to get on base.”


I’ve used this clip in a few blogs now but, my goodness, my man really did pull the LeBron James.

Getting tagged seven times in your first eight plate appearances?

That’s just crazy, man.