If New Details Indeed Leaked Out For The Upcoming EA Sports ‘College Football 25’ Video Game, This Is Huge

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Andrew Powell Sports and Entertainment Blogger
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Please let this be true.

And it very well may be the case, as a few Football Championship Subdivision (FCS) programs have appeared to leak the fact that they will be in a new college football video game.

EA Sports recently released the announcement trailer for “College Football 25,” making it official we will have the first college football game in over a decade.

But that’s all we know currently, as details regarding the game are very limited. With that being said, we can expect more information to be made available in May, but that doesn’t mean the speculation from fans isn’t running wild, because it is. And one of the big things being chirped about is if FCS programs will be featured, just like the ones way back.

Saturday night brought us an interesting Reddit thread which ended up going viral, and it makes you think. I am, of course, referring to FCS programs being featured in the game — hell, multiple have already outright said they’re going to be in it or, at the very least, hinted at it. (RELATED: Jack Tuttle Returning For A Whopping Seventh Season At Michigan)

This is a big flip from reports that had FCS programs not being involved with “College Football 25” and, though nothing is official at the current time, you can clearly see something is up.

God, this would be incredible … make it happen, EA Sports!