REPORT: Employee At Popular Fast-Food Chain Allegedly Kills His Manager, Takes Body Out To Trash

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Ilan Hulkower Contributor
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A 31-year-old Pizza Hut employee in Wisconsin stands accused of killing his manager and leaving the body of the victim in a trashcan, multiple outlets reported.

Kavonn Ingram, the suspect, has been formally charged by the Milwaukee police of first degree murder, hiding a body, armed robbery and felon firearm possession, according to the outlet. (RELATED: Victims From University Of Colorado Shooting Identified As Double Homicide Investigation Continues)

The driver of a garbage truck found the corpse of the victim, Alexander Stengel, covered in plastic bags in a trashcan on Feb. 7, the outlet reported. The body reportedly had plastic bags around it, and there was a trail of dried blood from the dumpster to the back entrance of the establishment, the criminal complaint alleged.

Stengel’s wallet, keys and cell phone were missing, according to police, WISN reported. Stengel had reportedly cashed in an inheritance check for $7,000 before going to work on Feb. 5, the day the police alleged the murder was committed, the complaint said.

Police alleged that the kitchen of the restaurant had areas that were uncharacteristically recently clean and found what appeared to be traces of blood on a mop, at the bottom of a slop sink and a light switch for the closet, the complaint said, Fox 6 reported.

The Milwaukee County Medical Examiner’s Office autopsy reported that Stengel had been shot in the head, had suffered a cut across his throat and had two puncture wounds below the cut consistent with blunt force trauma, according to the complaint, Fox 6 reported. The office reportedly decided based on the findings that Stengel’s death was a case of homicide, the complaint added.

Security footage from a Taco Bell nearby on Feb. 5 allegedly showed the suspect dressed in black dragging what appeared to be a heavy garbage can and taking a path consistent with the trail of blood later found by police, the complaint revealed, Fox 6 reported. Police alleged that there is no footage from Feb. 5 to Feb. 7 showing anyone else dragging the same garbage can to the dumpster area, the complaint stated.

Police claimed that Ingram allegedly attempted to act as Stengler, using his phone to text the store’s manager about feeling unwell and needing time off, the complaint said, TMJ 4 reported. Police also reportedly alleged that they found a loaded gun and check that had bloodstains on them inside a backpack found in Ingram’s home when they carried out a warrant, the complaint revealed.

“That’s good. They found something that they could work with, they followed up, they did what they had to do and they got the guy. That’s good,” Steve Edemczyk, a local, told the outlet.

Ingram’s bond was placed at $200,000 and he has been forbidden to communicate with anyone at his place of work following his appearance at court Friday, according to WISN.