You’ll Flip A Table Over The Latest Excuse For Rising Fuel Costs

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Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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You’re not insane, gas prices rose again in February. But you might go fully insane when you find out why.

Gas prices rose 11 cents in just one week in February, and prices are expected to keep going up, according to AAA and AccuWeather, and the reason we’re being given will make you flip a table. So take a deep breath before reading further. Ready?

“Gas prices always rise as winter winds down because demand increases and gas stations must switch over to more expensive summer fuel,” wrote AccuWeather, begging the question: What in the sweet land of little baby Jesus Christ is “summer fuel?” All we’re told by AccuWeather is that most gas stations switch to “summer blends of fuel” as if it’s a freaking latte flavor, but the outlet doesn’t even bother to describe what it is.

“Summer blend” fuel comes from Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations, according to the Hill. “The EPA sets regulations in the summer for communities that suffer from high and rather poor air condition based on smog and other particulate matter,” AAA spokesperson Devin Gladden told the outlet in 2023. “In the summer, that can become particularly more toxic and more pollutants can get trapped because it’s hot.”

Sorry, but this sounds like the fuel company and EPA’s problem, not the American people’s. If this flimsy scientific nonsense is such an issue to the unelected hippies who run the EPA, they can use our taxes to offset the additional cost (i.e., their budget).

In 2023, prices rose by about 20 cents a gallon, but AccuWeather says this year will probably be around 30 cents per gallon. (RELATED: WEF Admit They’ve No Idea WTF The Economy Is Doing)

This, ladies and gentlemen, is the most exceptional example of economic exploitation I’ve seen all morning. We’re seriously supposed to just sit here and pay for these companies and these agencies to make our lives harder, when we all know there are plenty of ways to reduce the cost to consumers. I think a lot of very powerful people did an amazing job of dumbing down the general public to the point where things like this are accepted as part of how we live now.

Good luck with your groceries this year, everyone. You’re going to need it.