New Study Could Disprove Popular Trans Activist Argument

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Thomas McGiffin Contributor
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A 2024 study looking at data from Finland’s national registrar found that gender dysphoria is not a significant cause of suicide in adolescents.

The study, conducted by scientists in Finland, looked at data from 2,083 “gender-referred adolescents” between the years 1996 and 2019. The study compared this sample to a sample population of 16,643 individuals without gender dysphoria to act as a matched control.

The point of the study was to determine if individuals experiencing gender dysphoria had higher rates of mortality due to both all-causes and suicide, especially as compared to a control group, a place where the researchers indicated there was a hole in the scientific literature.

In their analysis of the data, the researchers observed that the proportion of deaths from all causes was not statistically significant between the group with gender dysphoria and the control group, but that “the proportion of suicides was higher in the gender-referred group,” according to the data they used. However, this difference evaporated when the scientists took into account the morbid psychiatric history of the individuals.

“Gender dysphoria per se does not seem to predict neither all-cause nor suicide mortality in gender-referred adolescents,” the researchers concluded based on their analysis.

Trans activists argue that gender-reassignment practices reduce the likelihood of suicide for individuals with gender dysphoria, often posing a choice between the life of a child or the transitioning of their gender. However, this Finnish study discovered that individuals who struggled with psychiatric issues were more likely to be suicidal, and not because they struggled with gender dysphoria. Furthermore, the study found that reinforcing dysphoria through gender reassignment did nothing to diminish the suicide risk. (RELATED: LGBT Activists Tout Survey On ‘Satisfaction’ After Gender Transitions. There’s Just One Problem)

“The suicide mortality of both those who proceeded and did not proceed to GR did not statistically significantly differ from that of controls. This does not support the claims that GR is necessary in order to prevent suicide. GR has also not been shown to reduce even suicidal ideation and suicidal ideation is not equal to actual suicide risk,” the researchers stated in their study.

Gender-reassignment surgery, especially for adolescents, is controversial because of its irreversibility and the potential health problems it can cause. “Complications can be pretty bad for vaginoplasty and the most-dreaded complication is to perforate the rectum while you are dissecting the vaginal cavity,” Dr. Alex Laungani, a surgeon, said in a video of a presentation that the Daily Caller News Foundation (DCNF) obtained. Laungani further added that there was “a growing number of programs throughout the world of gender affirmation, probably with a lack of training,” the DCNF reported.