Hunter Greene’s Luxury SUV Gets Smashed By Elly De La Cruz’s Foul Ball

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Meanwhile in Reds spring training …

Cincinnati Reds pitcher Hunter Greene and third baseman Elly De La Cruz were holding batting practice Tuesday, and well … things got a bit interesting to say the least.

De La Cruz ended up knocking a foul ball out into the parking lot while they were getting their reps in, and it happened to land perfectly into Greene’s luxury SUV. Yes, blasting it. So much so that it completely busted a window.

When Greene realized the damage that was done, he told De La Cruz he was gonna have to pay for it, but the 22-year-old had a brilliant response. (RELATED: 3-Time World Series Champion Pablo Sandoval Attempting To Make MLB Comeback)

“You’re paying for it,” Greene told De La Cruz, according to Mike Petraglia of CLNS Media.

“You make more than me,” responded De La Cruz.

If you don’t know, Greene signed a six-year extension worth $53 million with the Cincinnati Reds in 2023, OutKick reported.

Quite the interesting start for Cincinnati Reds spring training, wouldn’t you say?

Just recently, I blogged about the Reds using stuffed pigs to improve catchers’ tagging skills, which is absolutely incredible in itself.

First, stuffed pigs. Now, smashed windows. Damn, I love baseball.