UFC Fighter Ian Garry Says He Will ‘Beat The F*ck Out Of’ Colby Covington And ‘Drag Him In Front Of Trump’

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Hot damn! Sign me up for this fight!

Ian Garry, a welterweight in UFC, has plans on beating the favorite fighter of President Donald J. Trump: Colby Covington. And not just that, but he wants to embarrass the greatest president this nation has ever seen while he’s at it.

Speaking with “The MMA Hour” in an interview, Garry said that he has designs to “beat the f*ck out of” Covington, one of Trump’s biggest supporters in UFC, and if Trump was at the fight, he would “drag him in front of” the former POTUS.

“All of the shit he will have said leading up to that fight, I’ll talk to him when I beat the fuck out of him in that octagon,” said Garry. “If Trump’s in attendance, I will drag Colby in front of Trump, and I will beat the mouth off and say, ‘This is what you created.’”


I would love nothing more than to see this little prick Ian Garry get his ass handed to him.

As some of you guys know, my Mt. Rushmore of the political right is, and not necessarily in this order: Donald Trump, Richard Nixon, Roger Stone and Roy Cohn. So yeah, it’s pretty obvious that Trump is my boy. (RELATED: What A Shame: The Sunshine State Is Killing My Livelihood And Those Of Millions Of Other Floridians By Wiping Out DFS)

With that being said … knock the hell out of this loser, Colby!