Jack Doherty Gets Sued As Alleged Assault Video Starts Trending


Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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A man named Chase Gardella is reportedly suing YouTuber Jack Doherty for assault, battery, negligence, and emotional distress for assaulting him at a party in Oct. 2023.

Gardella also named Doherty’s bodyguard, Kane Kongg, whose real name is Justin Goslee, in the lawsuit, according to TMZ. The altercation was caught on video and has been trending on social media. It appears to show Kane punching Gardella in the face. Gardella hit the floor hard and claimed to have suffered injuries to his head, neck, and face as a result of the hit and the fall, according to TMZ.

Court documents said Gardella is seeking unspecified damages.

Doherty posted the video to his social media account in Oct., showing what happened at fellow YouTuber David Dobrik’s Los Angeles home during his Halloween party. The video showed Doherty involved in altercations with several attendees of the event.

Gardella claimed he was at the Halloween party and was talking to Doherty and Goslee at roughly 12:30 am. He alleged that Doherty looked at him and said, “We’re gonna fight. Us two versus you two, alright go,” which is what takes place in the video clip that went viral online.

Moments later, Gardella said he was punched in the face by Goslee. He claimed he did not consent to being punched or entering into the fight that Doherty proposed.

Chase’s attorney Greyson Goody issued a statement about the altercation.

“This was a disgusting, unprovoked assault on a young man by a professional boxer at the direction of his social media influencer employer,” Goody told TMZ.

“Chase was minding his own business, enjoying a fun Halloween Party with friends when he was brutally attacked by a man several times larger than him,” he said.

“This sort of behavior by Jack Doherty and his cronies needs to end. Chase suffered serious injuries that could derail his life and career.”

Gardella’s documents also noted that Doherty posted several video clips to his YouTube account that show his bodyguards intimidating people who don’t respond positively to his pranks, according to TMZ. (RELATED: Blueface’s Girlfriend Accuses Him Of Punching Her In The Face: REPORT)

Goslee has made the headlines for allegedly assaulting others in the past, including claims that he knocked out a woman during his time serving as security for DaBaby. A video of Doherty assaulting a member of the Island Boyz has also been widely circulating online.

The matter will be heard in court.