Insane Bar Brawl Video Reportedly Shows Former NFL Star Willie McGinest Bashing A Man In The Head


Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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Former NFL star Willie McGinest was reportedly arrested for assault with a deadly weapon Monday after he punched a man in the face and bashed his head with a bottle during a bar brawl at a popular Los Angeles spot, according to TMZ.

The altercation allegedly unfolded at Delilah in West Hollywood on Dec. 9, when McGinest and several other men began punching a man who was sitting at a table near them in the lounge, according to TMZ. Video footage shows McGinest walking up to a seated man, and they appear to exchange words for a short time.

McGinest can then be seen punching the seated man in the face with his left fist. Other men, who seem to be with McGinest, then jump in and repeatedly punch the man in the head and face before McGinest appears to smash a bottle on the man’s head, according to the video footage obtained by TMZ.


The 51-year-old former linebacker continues to smash the man’s head over and over, as seen in the video.

He then takes the bottle and throws it down on a nearby couch before walking away from the scene without looking back, the video shows.

The footage is grainy and stops short of showing perfectly clear images, but the man appeared to be bruised and bleeding when the group stepped away from him long enough for the camera to catch a glimpse of his face. (RELATED: Tables, Chairs, Fists And Boobs Go Flying In What Might Be The Craziest Bar Brawl Ever Caught On Video)

McGinest was arrested at 7:30 a.m. Monday, TMZ reported, citing jail records. The New England Patriots superstar posted the $30,000 bond and was released from custody at 9:46 am, according to the outlet.

The identity of the man who was beaten has yet to be publicly revealed, according to TMZ.

McGinest has won three Super Bowls and was inducted into the New England Patriots Hall of Fame in 2015.