Heart-Stopping Video Shows Amazon Van Split In Half By Train Impact


Julianna Frieman Contributor
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Newly unearthed video from Nov. 2021 obtained by TMZ shows an Amazon van split in half from the impact of a train accident in Milwaukee.

The Amazon employee drove over a railroad crossing as an Amtrak train that he did not see or hear approached, TMZ reported. The result was a terrifying collision.

Alexander Evans, the driver of the Amazon van, survived the crash. The train directly struck his vehicle and severed it into two large chunks. He appeared to escape the accident relatively unharmed.

The video was shot from inside of the Amazon van, showing Evans in the front seat as he drove the vehicle. The driver was shown casually making a left turn before the train smashed into the van.

The train continued on its route, pushing part of the damaged van along as Evans appeared shaken up inside of the vehicle. Evans regained his composure before unbuckling his seatbelt and exiting the van.

The outlet obtained a video from a different angle, showing where the vehicle’s windshield shattered upon impact. (RELATED: Video Shows ‘Wing Coming Apart’ On Plane During Emergency Landing)

Evans took himself to the hospital as a precautionary measure, even though he believed he was not injured, according to the outlet. Shortly after the incident, Evans told local media outlets that he was deaf in his left ear at the time of the collision, citing his disability as the reason why he heard the train’s horn too late to move out of the way.