Viral Video Blames Feminist Movement For Why Women Hate Men, But The Real Reason Is Way Simpler


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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A video went viral Wednesday of women responding to the question “Do we need men?” and all y’all completely got this one wrong.

“A generation of women raised to hate men. Feminism is to blame,” whatever captioned the now-viral video of women saying that the world doesn’t need men. But how damn stupid do you have to be to blame feminism on the content of this video? All of these women obviously know the world needs men, and their response is literally just part of a knee-jerk reaction by all funny, outgoing women to troll people who ask us stupid questions.

It is astoundingly hilarious to see so many people — even other women — go absolutely trad-pants ballistic over the video. Clearly, none of you have ever spent time with a woman who likes sarcasm, and it shows.

Saying “no” to a question like “Do we need men?” or “Does the world need men?” is the correct answer in this context because it’s funny, not because there’s any element of truth. (RELATED: Ladies, Stop Blaming Men For Your Insanely Painful Beauty Standards. We All Know The Real Problem)

It is actually really pathetic and socially inept of people, particularly women, to not get that this is a joke. It speaks to a profound dilution in our ability to understand humor, brought about mostly through a normalized judgment by self-acclaimed wannabe “trad” women who don’t have the courage to lead their family, so divert to their husbands for all forms of decision-making.

Don’t get me wrong, there are some great aspects to the “trad” movement. But thinking men are smart enough to actually run a family is probably one of the dumbest things I’ve ever heard. Men are great providers, they’re great leaders, but can they organize and run a family as well as women? Heck no! And while it is always important to appreciate men’s roles in ensuring the stability and safety of a household, it is every woman’s duty to give him a little shit every now and then … just to keep things spicy!