Some Internet Dork Is Trying To Re-Clothe Beautiful Women Because Of ‘Dignity.’ It Is Pathetic


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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Political commentator Jack Posobiec said Friday that a new artificial intelligence (AI) tool is putting clothes back on “e-girls” and removing their tattoos.

The post shows four examples of women wearing limited clothing next to what “DignifAI” thinks they should be wearing. The purpose of this creepy internet robot person is to bring “dignity back to the internet,” according to its Twitter account.

While this sounds like a nice idea, I’m not exactly sure how slut shaming confident women is going to help bring dignity back to the internet. Surely a better purpose for this type of AI would be to root out content like child pornography and delete it from the internet forever? Or perhaps me and this AI just have different definitions of the word “dignity.”

Personally, I don’t care what women wear. If you think a girl is trash because of her skimpy clothes and tattoos, or maybe because she’s cool and smokes Marlboro Reds, then I hope you have the most beautiful life, filled with time and space to worry about stuff that doesn’t hurt anyone. (RELATED: ‘Beautiful Conservative Women’: Pro-USA Beer Company Releases Its Version Of A Sports Illustrated Bikini Calendar)

I also feel like this editorial is a great opportunity to tell everyone who watches me on Newsmax, Joe Pags’ Show, The First etc, and feels the need to email me about my aesthetic: I’m not going to get rid of my nose ring, and I am incredibly proud of my former modeling work. I don’t care if you think I’m unprofessional by most “conservative” standards. By most people’s standards I am an extremely unprofessional person, and I’ve worked really, really hard to be this way.

I never wanted to fit into the boring boxes of what you expect a modern woman to be, and I ain’t changing for anyone.

But I will spend the rest of my life trying to protect your freedom of speech, and your right to judge to me as much as you want.