Virginia Department Of Health Investigating Illness Sweeping Liberty University

Photo by AMANDA ANDRADE-RHOADES/AFP via Getty Images

Mia Hernandez Contributor
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The Virginia Department of Health is investigating an illness spreading through Liberty University’s campus, the school announced in a statement Friday.

On Wednesday night, the Liberty University Police Department (LUPD) received four different EMS calls with reports of severe abdominal pain, dehydration, vomiting and diarrhea, according to a statement from the campus’ alert system. In an alert Friday, the university announced that the Virginia Department of Health and the City of Lynchburg would join the investigation. (RELATED: LIV Golf’s Season Opener Sent Into Outright Chaos As Several Players Fall Ill: REPORT)

“With the increased number of gastrointestinal illnesses on campus, there is an ongoing investigation for the cause of the illness. Collaborative efforts between Liberty University, the Virginia Department of Health (VDH), the City of Lynchburg, and community partners are actively working to provide more information,” Liberty University said in the statement.

The cause of the illness is currently unknown. The VDH confirmed the university’s dining facilities are not the culprit.

“At this time the Virginia Department of Health has not identified any issues with Liberty University dining facilities and is not recommending the closure of any dining facilities,” the university stated.

The University asked students experiencing systems to avoid contact and isolate as the investigation continues.

“Also, avoid close contact with those who have symptoms. Our priority is to keep each member of our LU community healthy and safe. We ask that if you are experiencing any of these symptoms, please isolate in your residence.”

A local medical center stated there have been 25-35 emergency department patients experiencing dehydration in the past 48 hours, according to WSET.

The VHD said the illness is specific to Liberty University based on the information they have obtained, WSET reported.