‘B*tch!’: Kevin Durant Confronts Drunken Hecklers After Utter Disrespect

[X/Screenshot/Public — @JonahJavad]

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Kevin Durant is a G for this.

Say what you want about NBA players and how they sometimes lose their cool, but on the flip side, fans can be pricks as well on occasion. Just look at what happened Thursday night.

Prior to the game at American Airlines Center between the Phoenix Suns and Dallas Mavericks, Suns superstar Kevin Durant was running out onto the court for pre-game warmups when a couple of fans were heckling him, with one blasting him as a “b*tch.” And in such G fashion, KD stepped up to ’em and put ’em in check. (RELATED: Rockets Owner Tilman Fertita Looking To Bring NHL Franchise To Houston)

To add some straight-up comedy into the mix, the beer-drinking lady (who looks like pure laughter in itself, you’ll see what I mean in the video) hilariously tried to give Durant dap (the hip-hop version of a handshake) in an attempt at peace. After all, she wasn’t expecting KD to walk right over to her and call her ass out.

Following that scene, the man with the funny-looking lady then tried to explain how he was a “podcaster” and was searching for content.

And well … that’s exactly what he got.


These folks are just lucky that KD gave them a happy ending.

As you see in the tweet above, Jonah Javad of WFAA reports that security questioned Durant whether or not the hecklers should be kicked out, but KD let them stay.

Regardless, these people look like complete jackrabbits.