‘B*tch Boy … I Hate Them’: Bills’ Dion Dawkins Blasts Michael Clemons And The Jets In Incredibly Blunt Fashion

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Woah! My man didn’t hold back!

This past season, things only ratcheted up when it came to the rivalry between the Buffalo Bills and New York Jets.

There were plenty of skirmishes that took place between the two teams, but the biggest scene had to be the Week 11 locker room fiasco that reportedly popped off between Bills offensive tackle Dion Dawkins and Jets defensive end Michael Clemons.

Speaking with VladTV in a recent interview, Dawkins spoke about Clemons and the Jets, and absolutely unloaded on them in what’s only going to add a massive amount of fuel to the rivalry’s fire. (RELATED: Tyreek Hill Says He Wants To Fight Jake Paul, Blasts Him For Not Being That Tough)

“Weirdos being weird,” said Dawkins while laughing. “I don’t even want to give the man no credit, talking about him. You know, but No. 72, Michael Clemons. B*tch boy. B*tch boy. I’m just gonna keep it a buck, I hate them. All of them, bro. They are all some …”