‘What About The Current Law?’: Fox Panel Explodes As Co-Hosts Debate Biden’s Border Crisis


Julianna Frieman Contributor
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A panel of Fox News co-hosts exploded Monday as they debated President Joe Biden’s border crisis following the murder of University of Georgia (UGA) student Laken Riley by an illegal migrant.

“Outnumbered” co-hosts Kayleigh McEnany and Harris Faulkner, joined by Fox Business anchor Cheryl Casone and Fox News contributor Marc Thiessen, pounced on Fox News contributor Marie Harf’s defense of the Biden administration’s border policy.

“Joe Biden has proposed the most, the strongest immigration bill that any Democrat in history has ever supported,” Fox News contributor Marie Harf said. “Democrats and Republicans at Capitol Hill negotiated together and the far-right wing of the Republican Party said —”

“He dismantled Trump’s immigration policy with 94 executive actions,” Kaleigh McEnany interrupted.

“Let me finish what I’m saying,” Harf demanded.

“Why not pick up a pen? It’s very easy. I have one here. I’ll loan it to the president. Pick up the pen. Take executive action. A girl is dead,” McEnany said.

Riley was found dead Thursday afternoon near a lake at the UGA campus after going missing on a run. Jose Antonio Ibarra, who was arrested and charged Friday with killing the 22-year-old nursing student, entered the United States illegally by crossing the southern border into El Paso, Texas, in 2022, according to the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) statement to the Daily Caller. (RELATED: ‘Monster’: Trump Reacts To Murder Of Laken Riley, Reiterates Pledge To Set Up Largest Deportation In US History)

“H.R. 2 was in the Senate in May of last year,” Faulkner told Harf. “They’ve had 80 meetings.”

“What about the current bill?” Harf asked, referring to a recent border package paired with aid for Ukraine that was blocked in the Senate by Republicans.

“No. We had an original bill that Senate Democrats wouldn’t even look at,” Faulkner said.

“What about the current bill?” Harf asked again as co-hosts bickered.

“What about the current law? Joe Biden does not need any more laws in order to enforce the border. He has all the authority that he needs to do it,” Thiessen said.